"Red Tree: Offering an Enchanting Nature Experience"

What you can see through the spacious windows is a panoramic view of the forest. Surrounded by nature in all directions, you can enjoy the ultimate relaxing time.

◆ Healing Time in Harmony with the Beautiful Natural Scenery: The sound of the wind, the chirping of birds, and the calls of insects create a sensation as if you are having a conversation with the forest. In the summer, beetles visit in the morning, and you can enjoy the changing expressions of the seasons.

◆Authentic Barbecue on a Spacious Deck: On a large deck, you can enjoy an authentic barbecue using a propane gas grill. Enjoy a comfortable barbecue experience while enjoying the forest on the expansive table.

◆ Luxurious Atmosphere with Antique Wood-Burning Stove: Your room features a rare antique wood-burning stove that adds warmth and color to the entire room. It provides a cozy warmth even in the winter and allows you to enjoy an authentic atmosphere.

◆ Pursuing Comfortable Sleep with Bed Mattresses: The mattresses are treated for antibacterial, odor resistance, and dust mite prevention, supporting your ideal sleep.

◆ Ample Parking space: There is parking space for up to three vehicles, making it convenient for gatherings with family or friends.

◆ Special Time with Pets: We provide an environment where you can stay with your beloved pets (excluding the sleeping area).

◆ Excellent Access to Tourist Spots: Located in the heart of the popular tourist destination Nasu Highland, it offers outstanding access to the surrounding tourist spots. It's just a 6-minute drive to Nasu Highland Park.

◆Comfortable Internet Environment: High-speed Wi-Fi using fiber-optic cable is available, allowing you to enjoy activities such as movie watching through Fire TV.

[Living-Dining Room] • Enjoy the natural greenery through the windows. • Antique wood-burning stove with oven space (please bring your own firewood). • Two televisions (one compatible with Fire TV). • High-ceiling living room with a sense of openness. • Comfortable space with a Dyson air purifier fan. • Convenient drum-type washing machine for larger groups or longer stays. • Wine cellar available (wine sales on site).

[Wood Deck] • Enjoy nature to the fullest on the spacious deck. • Table and chairs set up in the expansive space. • You can continue to enjoy BBQs by opening the retractable roof.

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