Local Transportation

◆ Haneda Airport

Take the Keikyu Line to Shinagawa Station. From Shinagawa Station, take the Yamanote Line to Tokyo Station (there's also a limousine bus directly to Tokyo).
From Tokyo, take the Tohoku Shinkansen to Nasu-Shiobara Station, which takes about 1 hour and 9 minutes.
From Nasu-Shiobara Station, you can either rent a car or take a taxi, which is about a 30-minute ride.

◆ Express Bus

There is an express bus from Shinjuku to Nishi-Nasuno Station.
※ Easier and more convenient than the train
Get off at Nishi-Nasuno Station from Busta Shinjuku (the bus terminal located south of Shinjuku Station).
Refer to the JR Bus Kanto website for details.

It takes about 2.5 hours without traffic.

◆ Train

Take the Tohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo Station and get off at Nasu-Shiobara
From Nasu-Shiobara Station, it's a 30-minute ride by rental car or taxi (we recommend reserving a rental car in advance, as the taxi ride costs around 7,600 yen).
There are several car rental agencies at Nasu-Shiobara Station, including Toyota Rent-a-Car, Nissan Rent-a-Car, Nippon Rent-a-Car, Orix Rent-a-Car, and Niconico Rent-a-Car, among others. Niconico is budget-friendly, while Toyota is a trusted option. Many of these close around 8 PM, so please check in advance.

Located in Nasu Highland Villa Area near the popular tourist attraction "Nasu Highland Park" in the Nasu area, it's easy to find as it's just a turn off from Nasu Kogen Skyline (Prefectural Road 266).
Nasu Highland Park, as well as Minamigaoka Farm, are just a 6-minute drive away, making it a convenient location.
You can even indulge in a little luxury like going out for ice cream and coming back.
Just south of the farm, you'll find Nasu Keiryu Park, where you can enjoy fishing and even cook your catch.
You can also enjoy go-karting in the park, and nearby is Nasu Buggy Park.

Every day, the popular café-bakery-restaurant "Penny Lane" is within a 10-minute drive, allowing you to quickly enjoy breakfast when it opens.

The nearest convenience store is the Seven-Eleven Nasu Ichien Chaya store, just a little over 10 minutes by car. If you plan to do some shopping in advance, both this convenience store and Super Dydo are convenient (about a 15-minute drive).

For onsen (hot spring) facilities, Hotel Sun Valley offers day-trip onsen and is a little less than a 10-minute drive away. You can easily avoid congestion by turning north at the intersection near Minamigaoka Farm.
From this facility, you can enjoy various activities as your base.

Popular Sightseeing Spots

• Nasu Highland Park (an amusement park that you can enjoy multiple times)
• Minamigaoka Farm (horseback riding, mini golf, delicious restaurants, and milk)
• Nasu Safari Park (see animals from your car)
• Nasu Dobutsu Oukoku (popular among families and couples)
• Nasu Kogen Rindoko Family Ranch (a combination of an amusement park and animal interaction)
• Mount Jeans Ski Resort (suitable for beginners to advanced skiers)
• NOZARU KOZARU (an authentic athletic course, popular among children)
• Nasu Kogen (ropeway)
• Nasu Kogen Observation Deck (beautiful sunrise views)
• Nasu Heisei no Mori (the gardens of the Nasu Imperial Villa are open to the public)
• Fujishiro Kiyoshi Art Museum
• Nasu-dake (Chausu-dake)
• Sessho-seki Observation Deck Promenade

• Nasu Stained Glass Art Museum
• Michi no Eki Nasu Kogen Yua no Mori
• Nasu Garden Outlet
• Nasu World Monkey Park
• Nasu Trick Art Museum

Onsen (Hot Spring) and Spa ※Available for day trips
• (Recommended) Hotel Sun Valley (multiple types of hot spring baths with open-air baths; a pool is available in the summer)
• Gensen Nasuyama (suitable for families)
• Shika no Yu (a hot spring with a history of over 1,000 years)
• Kinchan Onsen (for couples and groups)
• Iyashi no Toki

Convenience Stores and Supermarkets
Seven-Eleven Nasu Ichien Chaya Store (the nearest convenience store)
Daiyu Nasu Kogen Store (this is where you can get food items, BBQ grills, and firewood)
Komeri Hard & Green (home center)

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